Bioinformatics & Medical

Medical Diagnostic Systems

ICE is currently developing a medical diagnostic device software solution for Biopticon Corporation, a start-up in Camden, New Jersey. 

The system, dubbed TumorManager, measures subcutaneous tumor volumes in lab mice. Researchers can acquire tumor data, tabulate and display results, perform statistical analysis on the results and export them to common formats.


In 1998, ICE Software began a multi-year product development effort with Orchid BioSciences, Inc. - now Orchid Cellmark -  a leading provider of technologies for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) scoring and genetic diversity analyses.

Our engineers assisted with the development of Orchid's proprietary technology for instruments and SNPware consumables. 

The software worked with analysis equipment from small laboratory environments to large commercial facilities.

ICE Software's biotechnology expertise includes a detailed understanding of genetics and bioinformatics operations, sequence analysis, sequence alignment and other tools used to access the public genomic databases.

Software tools ICE designed for Orchid

- High throughput SNP scoring service

- SNP databases

- Genetic diversity

- Microfluidics technologies relating to drug discovery

- Pharmacogenetics and DNA synthesis

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